As good as new

Due to the versatility of our machinery park, we are able to carry out almost any repairs, especially in the equipment sector.
Depending on the extent of the repairs, the result may reach the value of a new part –
but for a considerably lower price, and in view of the often long waiting times for a new part: within a substantially shorter delivery time.

  • Repair of ball- and roller-bearing slewing rings

  • Gear box reconditioning

  • All work on gear tooth systems

  • Reconditioning of four-point bearings, cross-roller bearings and double axial-radial roller bearings

  • Manufacturing and / or repair of hydraulic cylinders and piston rods

  • Repair and manufacturing of large parts

References and Examples

The overview gives you an insight into the diversity of our orders. Every job is a challenge for us, and we are not afraid of “special orders” either, i.e. repairs or new productions that appear virtually infeasible.

Repair of a moving carrier plate for a cement plant, weight of the part approx. 10 tons, measurements 2,200 x 1,300 x 780 mm. Boring out the bearing seat, manufacturing of an adjustment sleeve, labyrinth ring, end cover with corresponding bearing pivot.

Reconditioning of a screen drum, unit weight 6 tons, dimensions: Ø 1.500 mm x 2.400 mm length

Reconditioning of a damaged roller bearing slewing ring from a Demag CC2280 crawler crane, unit weight 6 tons, dimensions: Ø 2.985 mm x 240 mm height