Spare parts service

Quality that pays off

We have grown through the production of spare and wearing parts for the equipment of all leading domestic and foreign construction machine brands. With our diverse spectrum of parts, we can provide you with support as a reliable and competent partner.

What defines us is that we are both a brand-independent manufacturer and a mechanical engineering company under one roof. For special purposes and applications we also manufacture custom-made engineering parts and components.

“Spare parts in original part quality at attractive prices”. This is our promise of performance that we keep every day for our customers.

We manufacture spare parts in original quality. In order to facilitate the identification of the searched items, we generally use the original manufacturers’ parts numbers solely for reference purposes. This way you will receive a high-quality, cost-effective alternative made in Germany.
You too can benefit from this economic advantage!

  • Pins and bushings
    in all required material qualities and measurements

  • Inductively surface-hardened shafts
    with and without threads

  • Slewing bearings
    (ball-bearing and roller-bearing slewing rings)

  • Hydraulic cylinders

  • Gear wheels

  • Pinion shafts

  • Piston rods

  • Spacer washers

  • Elastic and tension bushings

  • Ball and socket joints

  • Gasket kits and component

Online enquiry

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Advantages of a brand-independent manufacturer

1. Our customers attach great importance to receiving excellent value for their money. Our repair workshop lives up to this claim day in day out and delivers the required quality to our customers at attractive terms.

2. The broad range of spare and wearing parts in original part quality. All current items are mostly in stock or available at short notice.

3. Through in-house production and large item quantities, we achieve price advantages during the production process which we pass on directly to our customers.

Our product range includes equipment spare parts for:

  • Hydraulic excavators

  • Compact loaders

  • Backhoe loaders

  • Mobile and track excavators

  • Wheel loaders

  • Dumpers

  • Mini-excavators

  • Other construction machinery

All-round Service

Would you like more information? Our technical office is open from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm by phone +49 (0) 90 71 / 58 65-0, fax +49 (0) 90 71 / 65 02 and of course at any time by e-mail:

Our competent staff is at your disposal and always happy to advise you. Speed and reliability and absolute adherence to delivery dates are essential in the spare parts and repairs business.

We work together with first-class logistic service providers and deliver via shipping companies, parcel service or overnight express.